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13th April 2015


Our previous statement (31st March) sought to clarify the situation with regard to our Energy from Waste and Recycling facility but a great deal of incorrect information about our project is still being carried on social media and in the local press.

  • Drenl’s facility is located at the Gretton Brook Industrial Estate; it is being built on 2.2 hectares of land that currently houses an industrial building and an inert waste recycling facility. The estate also houses other industrial units and warehouse buildings. 

  • Drenl is NOT building its plant on land at Brookfield Plantation.

  • Once operational, Drenl’s facility will process just 5.5% of Northamptonshire’s annual waste: 120,000 tonnes per annum.  Given the facility’s size, we expect to receive around 20 HGV deliveries – NOT the 500 HGVs per day as some people are falsely suggesting.

  • It is and always has been our intention to source the waste from as close as possible to the facility: there is no financial incentive to transport waste from long distances given the extra cost to do so. 

  • The scheme will generate electricity for up to 18,000 homes and could provide heat and energy to commercial units in the near vicinity. 


Subject to financing, we are expecting the main construction works to start later this year.  It is a two-year build so this modern and efficient facility should be open in 2017.